Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Tampa firm still relentlessly seeking a rock star coder tired of making others wealthy

I just got back from spending two days at Tampa Bay Startup Week.  I was encouraged by what I heard about the startup ecosystem.

There is still a missing link to the ecosystem though, a true matchmaker of co-founders.  Yes, I've spent time on Founder Dating, I've been to Million Cups (and even presented) and I have talked to everyone that I know locally to let them know what I need.

But here I am, still in search of someone amazing to partner with me in a journey to turn the travel industry on its head.

Make no mistake, I won't give up until I find the right person.

I am a "special snowflake" and as you read this, you know exactly what that means and want to know what I'm up to and want to get in on the game.

I have already funded this company to the launch of a minimum viable product.  We have been in production for over a year and are on our 3rd version of the product.  In fact, we are just releasing a self-service portal.

I need a tech partner to own the product for the rest of the ride.

In the dictionary, the word DETERMINED has your picture next to it.  You:
  • Hate the status quo as much as I do
  • Were programming as a child before it was fashionable
  • Can't believe that people have been putting up with hotel searches near city centers and airports for multiple decades versus getting where they are really going
  • Are an incredibly talented architect and developer yet humble with a giving heart - you really mean it when you say that you want to leave a legacy
  • Are able to leap tall challenges in a single bound
  • Are in a position to take the biggest but most sure risk of your life
  • You want and need and are driven by innovation and differentiation
  • Have never met an API that you couldn't conquer
  • Vision that has a 40k foot orientation, but able to create a practical and powerful architecture to get the job done
  • Have always dreamed of living in a place with palm trees and sand
  • Want to have a meaningful piece of the company that you help build. but appreciate that you aren't starting from a blank sheet of paper or having to come up with the "idea"
  • Ability to attract other talented people that share your vision and believe in your talent and leadership
  • Can make other people laugh at will and having fun at work is a top priority
We've been around as a company since 1996 and this is our 10th startup venture in 20 years.  We:
  • Are based in Tampa, Florida and enjoy 330 days of sunshine each year
  • Are a part of an industry leading advisory firm that was founded 20 years ago and has serviced many companies that you have heard of and admired
  • Have already pivoted multiple times based on real world learning about client needs and business model
  • Embrace the Startup Owners Manual and Slicing Pie for equity 
  • Want to change the world, one trip at the time and our business model makes that happen in a measurable way
  • Are committed to innovation and put our money where our mouth is
  • Have already launched minimum viable product and are monetizing that now
  • Have just signed 3 new client contracts that will drive repeatable, transactional revenues
  • Has already designed the next phase of the product, but are just waiting for your input on our planned approach
  • Need your vision and passion
Fit the bill or know someone that does?  Call me.
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