Friday, January 08, 2016

Solutionz is celebrating 20 years

I am proud to share with you that today marks the 20th anniversary of Solutionz.  

When I launched the company in 1996, I never would have imagined all of the twists and turns that we would see in the business, the economy and in our world.

I want to personally thank you for your friendship and the support that you have provided to help us reach this amazing milestone.  

Whether you have been a client, a part of our network resources, a partner, an industry colleague, a subscriber to our blog, a member of the Executive Girlfriends Group, an investor or a board member, you are an important part of who we are. 

Over the years, people have asked about my formula for success. I find this question interesting, as success is indeed relative. Yes, over the past 20 years, our influence, impact, and income have multiplied many times over. However, as we enter 2016 I truly feel like we're just getting started.

That said, I can honestly say God used one thing to propel Solutionz, our message, our products and services and our vision.

It all comes back to...innovation.

At Solutionz, innovation is the air that we breathe.  Whether it is in our own branding (clean new look this year), our consulting and advisory services, our podcasts, our incubator or our publications, we don’t settle for business as usual, and we don’t want you to either.

I’d like to take just a few minutes to catch you up on the different business units of Solutionz.  You no doubt see lots of posts on social media from me.  Well, here is the skinny on what I’m really up to.

Solutionz Technologies is one of the companies that we are currently incubating.  In the 2nd quarter of this year we launched our new TripPlanz™ intelligent trip planning widget.  We have over 2,500 venues using our product and are powering over 24,000 events per month, in the US, Canada and in the UK.   We’re excited about transforming the way travel is booked by people attending events, finding hotels nearby the venue instead of near an airport or city center.

Our advisory services and consulting company, Solutionz Services, is alive and well.  In 2016 we are introducing a number of new members to our Solutionz Network team.  This means that we can handle a wider range of projects.  Check out our team and our clients to see the breadth of talent that we can bring to your organization.

Solutionz Media is the company that broadcasts our SolutionzLive radio show.  We have over 400 shows available in podcast form on BlogTalkRadio and iTunes.  The topics are leadership, growth, innovation, entrepreneurialism, giving back and other subjects that are geared to executives.  We also have advisory services, helping you leverage digital media, create buzz and increase engagement through community. 

What's next?  Well, you know the answer to that already.....

Stay tuned.

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