Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Marketing Mischief - Stale Branding

Oh my.  What a week.  Actually, what a couple of months. 

When MK got back from down under in February, we got together in New York and we started working on our personal branding.  Each of us had things we had been well known for in the past and some had to go, some were tweaked and new things emerged. 

As a small aside, on that trip MK mentioned to me that she thought my logo needed a little "softening". 

The funny thing is that I loved my logo. 

I had switched to the Solutionz brand in 2004 and the wife (now ex-wife) of a friend of mine in Barbados had developed the original logo.

The past week, we've been working with 99Designs to get a design template for our family of brands. 

We have our advisory services firm, Solutionz Services, and our tech company, Solutionz Technologies.  We also have our Media company.  Of course, Solutionz Media.  We have always had a network of associates but missed the opportunity to brand them as the Solutionz Network. 

Today we settled on a new logo and I have to tell you that I am in LOVE.  It is light, it is more modern and it really speaks to who we are as a company. 

Out with the old (on the left) in with the new (on the right).

Yes, it is simple, but simplicity is good.

Check out our new website as well.  Fresh branding deserves a new look.

Oh, and thank you MK!!

Is your branding stale?    Stop the mischief.

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