Thursday, February 26, 2015

Good Mischief - Blazing a Trail

"Whether your ship is big or small, always blaze a trail."

I believe in trail blazing and leaving a legacy. It is the air that I breathe.

Whether your company is the industry leader or you are a new entrant, or somewhere in between, adding incremental features or benefits to your prospective clients just isn't enough to blaze a trail.

Talk to your customers. Talk to the ones that you were never able to close. Talk to those that you have lost. Talk to those that are mad at you.

They are the keepers of the secrets of your success. They will tell you what they need to blaze their own trail.

Blazing a trail is "good mischief". Go see what mischief you can stir up today.

Chicke Fitzgerald
Chief Mischief Officer

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