Monday, December 15, 2014

Marketing MIschief - Missing the person in the target

Greetings from down under and welcome to MK's Monday morning marketing mischief.  

Last week we talked about the need to focus on a key target market that you and your company can delight.... great, so now you might ask -- how do we do that?

Target markets are made up of people.   

Your job as a leader in your business is to identify the biggest business problem that a group of people in the target market have in common.   

They won't necessarily share the identical problem or even share the preference in how you solve the problem, but what they will share is a compelling need to solve the problem and a budget to do so.    

Within your target market is your buyer, the person who will lead their organization in buying your goods and services.  The person who is responsible for solving the business problem for their company.  The person willing to put something at stake to adopt your product your solution.   

Your job as the marketing leader is to find them and understand what they need and then solve their problem.  They are the illusive person in the target.   

Yes, business is personal.   

We are in the person to person economy.  The mischief in marketing [and not the good, fun kind of mischief], is when you forget that.

cheers and happy targeting

Chief Mischief Officer

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