Monday, December 01, 2014

Marketing Mischief - "Busyness" as your badge of honor

MK here, with your Monday morning marketing mischief. 

I was talking with a client last week and we started talking about the mischief contributing to the slowing of the growth of their business. 

I brought up the ONLY completely "non renewable resource" in life and business and that is TIME.

Many business leaders are great at keeping their eyes on cashflow, product development and market forces.   Some are even great at identifying target markets.

In 25+ years of business I have never seen a company that had TIME as a KPI (key performance indicator). 

As leader I do measure TIME.

I know my companies can always acquire more customers, write more code, hire more people but we can never make more time.  We can never re-capture lost time, or go back in time to the critical moment of interaction with a key customer or disgruntled customer.  We cannot regain the TIME in the market from our indecision.  

In 2014 in North American we talk about being busy all the TIME.  In fact, we wear busyness  as a badge of honor.  That is the ultimate in the negative kind of mischief.

As you build your company, your market and your culture, dont make that same mistake. 

Look at your one non- renewable asset -- how are you spending your TIME?

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