Monday, August 11, 2014

Expanding the Pie: Fostering Effective Non-Profit and Corporate Partnerships- an interview with Susan Ross on Uncommon Giving

The Rock the World Network is a community of uncommon givers. The Uncommon Giving show features the leaders of charities, foundations and corporations rocking our world. Chicke Fitzgerald interviews Susan Ross. The original live interview was on 6/14/2013.

Susan Rae Ross is the founder and CEO of SR International, a private consulting company that provides corporations, nonprofits and government agencies with strategies and tools to actively manage their stakeholder engagement processes and facilitates successful partnerships across traditional sectors.

It is clear that no matter where you look United States, Greece, Africa or Spain, the current systems are not working in terms of providing jobs, access to quality services such as health and education or stable environment. The way forward requires new paradigms that harness collective solutions and maximize the strengths of different sectors – non-profits, social enterprises, corporations and governments and other entities– are required to address the complex problems faced by the world today. In EXPANDING THE PIE, Susan Rae Ross offers new approaches that can be beneficial to businesses as well as society, thus, expanding the pie for everyone.

In today’s economy, every sector of society—-businesses, nonprofits, government agencies and communities— as well as individuals, are struggling to survive. Everyday the news demonstrates that our current “modus operandi” is not sustainable; challenging us to develop new approaches.

SR International works with Corporations to design execute and evaluate; stakeholder engagement processes, community engagement strategies, philanthropy/volunteer programs; and cross-sectoral partnerships.

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