Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Break Your Own Rules: How to Change the Patterns of Thinking that Block Women's Paths to Power- an interview with Jill Flynn & Mary Davis Holt on EGG Live!

This on demand audio series is a part of the Executive Girlfriends Group Vignette Series. Chicke Fitzgerald interviews Jill Flynn & Mary Davis Holt The original live interview was 8/31/12.

This episode is #47 of all time in the top 50 shows on Solutionz Live!

Jill Flynn, M. Ed., is founding partner at Flynn Heath Holt Leadership (FHHL) whose goal is to move women and organizations forward, faster. Mary Davis Holt is a partner at Flynn Heath Holt Leadership (FHHL), an executive coach and keynote speaker on business, women, and leadership.
Women hold just 11 percent of the most senior-level leadership positions in U.S. Corporations—a number that hasn't changed in over 30 years.

How can women break through? Break Your Own Rules distills the six faulty assumptions (or "rules") most women follow that get in the way—then delivers the correlating new rules that promise to clear that path. For example, the old rule of "Focus on Others" must be replaced by "Take Center Stage," "Hard Work Will Get You There" must yield to "Be Politically Savvy." "Play It Safe" must give way to "Play to Win." "Ask Permission" must be replaced by "Proceed Until Apprehended."

This hands-on guide is for women who are ready to transform their assumptions and join the senior ranks of American business.

Co-author, Kathryn Heath (not interviewed) is Managing Partner of Flynn Heath Holt.

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