Monday, July 21, 2014

101 Ways to Rock Your World: Every Day Activities for Success Every Day- an interview with Dayna Steele on EGG Live!

This on demand audio series is a part of the Executive Girlfriends Group Vignette Series. Chicke Fitzgerald interviews Dana Steele. The original live interview was 3/29/13.

This episode is #52 of all time in the top 100 shows on Solutionz Live!

Dayna Steele is a success speaker, business author, serial entrepreneur, and a social media evangelist as well as a Hall of Fame radio personality, Expert Perspective blogger, business advisor, and nationally recognized media personality. She is also the author of Rock to the Top: What I Learned about Success from the World’s Greatest Rock Stars.

Dayna starts with a mantra—not a business plan—that’s only three words long: “Create rock stars.” Do you want to be a rock star? If so, read this book. –from the foreword by Guy Kawasaki, author of Enchantment and former chief evangelist of Apple.

The search for success is similar to the quest for the elusive Holy Grail: many want it but don't know where to find it, how to achieve it, or even where to start. In 101 Ways to Rock Your World, author Dayna Steele provides useful and motivating tips to help you get started on everyday success with simple everyday activities.

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