Sunday, May 11, 2014

Go for No - #15 of 25 Traits of the Fearless Entrepreneur

Percy Ross
 (self made millionaire that gave away millions) said the worlds most powerful and neglected secret to success was asking.  I believe that the reason that more people don't discover this secret is they fear the word NO.

In each of my ventures, there has been a need for skills and resources.  In my consulting projects, often I would have to ask for people to work on a project and wait to get paid until the client would pay me.  

Likewise in my entrepreneurial ventures, I didn’t always have funding to pay salaries.  I have a gift of communicating my vision in a way that makes it seem close in and attainable and that if people will just go along for the ride, they will benefit from what is at the destination.  

That help is priceless and in the material realm, it is worth sharing equity (or at minimum, upside from profits) in what is being created.  Being fair about that and recognizing also the value of having people that will not only walk along side you, but also have your back is the most amazing part of being an entrepreneur.

In order to get people to help you, you need to ask.  And sometimes they will say no.  

Most people see rejection as a personal attack on their own being. They feel the pain of failure and walk away from their dreams never to try again to achieve success.

Entrepreneurs understand rejection is only feedback and use it to fuel their future plans.

I was asked recently how has rejection helped to shape me as an entrepreneur?

When I first launched my radio show on BlogTalkRadio in 2009, I interviewed Andrea Waltz and Richard Fenton, the authors of Go forNo.  The premise of their book is that you have to get a certain number of NO answers before you will get a YES.   In fact the tag line on the book is: is the Destination, No is How You Get There

I love this concept.  They teach you to celebrate the NO answers, because it means that you are that much closer to YES.   

There is no product or service that meets everyone's needs at every moment in time.  I have learned that NO can also mean NOT RIGHT NOW.   

I’m more patient than I was earlier in my career and I’m fine with waiting a year and trying again.  Also, when someone says no, it may mean that they work extra hard to find someone else for you that might say yes and actually be a better fit for my needs.

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