Saturday, February 01, 2014

Transition Solutionz Series - Jaynie Smith, Competitive Advantage and Pamela Skillings, Escape from Corporate America

Today we will begin rebroadcasting a series of radio shows that were done several years ago for those of you that are in transition.  Whether you are unemployed, underemployed, stuck in a job that you hate or are just "in between successes", this series is for you.

Listen To Jobs Internet Radio Stations with Transition Solutionz on BlogTalkRadio

Host Chicke Fitzgerald, the CEO of Solutionz Media Group will be joined by her co-host of the Transition Solutionz series, Tiffany Topcik for interviews with authors and experts on a broad range of topics regarding career transition.

 Our first guest on this series is Jaynie Smith to talk about creating your own personal Competitive Advantage. Following that interview we are joined by Pamela Skillings, the author of Escape from Corporate America to talk about creating the career of your dreams.

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