Friday, May 03, 2013

Using Social Media to Blow Off Steam

Many of you have written me today, intrigued by the title of my post last night.   So here you are, trying to find it and it is gone.  
OK, I admit, I was upset last night with Google.   They tout the simplicity of single sign-in, but some of their applications still have conniption fits when you have multiple Google accounts.  

It was midnight and I found myself caught in an endless loop and landed on a page advertising the very simplicity that had eluded me for two hours.  I was tired and yes, I was frustrated. 
Bottom line is that it is way too easy to use social media to blow off steam.  
This morning, a cooler head prevailed and I deleted my blog post and did what I should have to begin with, I contacted my Google rep.   Google isn't just a tool that I use for blogging and posting videos and such, they are an essential business partner driving traffic to my travel websites.

So to Google, I borrow from Brenda Lee and of course, am embedding a video from YouTube to say..... 

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