Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Integrated blogs are best practice

Here at Solutionz, we practice what we preach -- best practice.

And no, it is not best practice Dilbert style, but to get your attention we thought that we would embed a little humor and variety in our blog as it moves into its new home.

I know that many of you "have the t-shirt" with your own company's brand of change in direction that is portrayed in the Dilbert cartoon.  

The one thing that resonates about Dilbert is that we have all known leaders that try to drive strategy and plans in areas where they do not have expertise.  They definitely do not know best practice, even when it bites them.    

Yesterday I came across an article published by Hubspot on best practice for company blogs.  It said, unequivocally, that your blog should be a part of your website, not published separately on Blogger or Wordpress or some similar tool.

If you are the key person for both marketing and distribution and blogging falls on your long list of responsibilities, then perhaps you should read "13 Business Blogging Mistakes and Their Easy Fixes" from @HubSpot. Get it here:   

We read it.  We listened.  So here we are.  The Distribution Solutionz blog will now be an integrated part of the Solutionz site. 

Thanks for following our musings on distribution.  We address traditional distribution, as well as all manner of digital distribution.  

Enjoy and stay tuned.     We will continue to put a link to our daily blogs here for those of you using RSS. 

The real emergency test

Today at 2pm the government is doing a nationwide test of the emergency broadcasting system. 

"Don't stress; it's only a test." That's what FEMA wants you to know about today's Emergency Alert System test at 2 p.m. The first nationwide test of the public warning system should last three and a half minutes.

What will be interesting is whether the federal government acknowledges that TV and radio are not the only media in use by our nation's citizens. 

Let's see if anything goes out over Twitter and Facebook.  That would be the real test.

Monday, November 07, 2011

Digital Media is NOT a strategy

A recent Comscore article said

"Today’s digital media environment is rapidly evolving, driven by the proliferation of devices people use to consume content both at home, at work and on the go. With smartphones, tablets and other connected devices, consumers have become digital omnivores."

There is no doubt that digital media is here to stay and that it has changed the landscape for brands that are trying to reach and own the consumer.  

But lest we get sucked into a singular focus on digital as we did into web marketing in the late 90s and into social media in the last decade, I'd like to remind you that none of these are strategies.  They are channels to reach the customer and should not the "be all" and "end all" of your strategy.

Although those companies that dominate the digital space and those that make a living doing research on these channels would like for us to believe that they have hit upon the Holy Grail, consumers are still multi-channel and contrary to popular belief, they do not buy everything online or via mobile.

Case in point, the hospitality industry.   TravelClick reported that in Q2 of 2011, 46% of bookings for the major hotel brands still came through the travel agent community and their call centers.  And while Internet (including mobile) bookings year over year were growing, 1.6% growth is hardly meteoric.  

Source:  TravelClick™

By putting the medium at the center of the equation, it is easy to forget that our strategic focus should actually be on the consumer and if we are smart, on driving business through the most profitable channels, not necessarily the hottest ones on the scene.

And yes, we do need to keep the web, social and digital in our strategic sights, but a knowledge of channel profitability and an integrated customer centric distribution strategy across all channels is what will lead to profitable growth.  

And where I sit, profitable growth IS the Holy Grail.

If you need help with development of an integrated customer-centric strategy, give us a call.

Stay tuned for more this week about developing a profitable, multi-channel distribution strategy.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Is there anywhere that Google is not disintermediating?

Media Mavens: Robert Kyncl, Google - Tasked With Leading Search Giant's Charge Into Content-Based Platform Wars, Veteran Exec Is Ready for Battle

When Google appointed a head of TV and film last year, it was a sign that changes were afoot. If Google is to compete in the platform wars, be it YouTube on TV screens or Android on tablets and phones, it will need content, and that's where former Netflix exec Robert Kyncl comes in.
Robert Kyncl, Google
Robert Kyncl, Google 
Mr. Kyncl's first big project is one he's not talking about; indeed it's one that Google itself has yet to acknowledge. That's the $100 million effort to seed curated "channels" on YouTube that will have TV-like appeal to viewers and to advertisers.

While this is still a big secret in Mountain View, it's an open secret in Hollywood, where it's hard to find anyone who hasn't had at least exploratory talks with Mr. Kyncl and his team.

The big difference between this effort to bring professional-grade entertainment to YouTube and prior efforts is that production companies, studios and startups are actually clamoring to be among the anointed few to go into business with YouTube, not just for the startup funds (YouTube is expecting a return on those) but for the chance to help YouTube invent the linear TV network of the future.

To read the rest of the article, click HERE

Here we find differentiation at its finest. 

As reported in the HITWISE statistics below from week ending 10/15, consumers have already wed themselves to both Google and YouTube for a significant amount of their day.  

Add to that a significant boost in the caliber of the already popular YouTube site, with all of the built in intelligence that brings to Google. 

Then add the convenience of mobile, notepad devices and soon to be pervasive hybrid Google TVs (based on Android operating system), and Google has the makings of a huge, very profitable hit that will likely leave a huge dent on traditional broadcast media.

I of course am hoping that their channel lineup includes a 24/7 wine channel, weaving in lifestyle, food and travel for good measure!  Can you say

Stay tuned.

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